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ELEY x-shot

Coming soon... The digital scoring app & online competition platform for benchrest target shooters. Sign up today for more information.

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Instantly score whole
multi-detail targets

Join the ultimate online competition platform for benchrest target shooters.

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Automatic Target Scoring

Experience the convenience of automatic target scoring with our advanced static scoring system. Simply capture a photo of your target using your device's camera, and let myELEY's smart algorithms calculate your scores instantly, providing you with accurate and consistent results.

Easy-to-use Interface

Our intuitive interface makes it easy for shooters to track scores, join competitions, and share results with friends wherever they are.

Real-time Competitions

Participate in real-time competitions with shooters from around the world and experience the thrill of competing at your own pace.

Detailed Performance Analysis

Get comprehensive insights into your performance with our advanced analytics, helping you identify areas for improvement and track your progress.

"I've been using myELEY for the past year, and it has completely changed the way I practice and compete. The platform is easy to use and has allowed me to connect with other shooters from around the world."

Fred S. Nevada

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